For many years Panamex has maintained a dominant position in the mosquito coil market throughout the pacific region.  Over this time the mosquito coil has proven to be a reliable and effective deterrent for those annoying and dangerous pests.

Increasingly the market is being impacted by lower quality and in some cases ineffective products. Low cost, poor quality products have been flooding the market.

At the same time technological developments in electric diffuser technology have seen a  marked improvement in the capabilities of the this new diffused style of product in achieving effective mosquito threat control.

Panamex has recognised these innovations and sought to develop a product tailored to the needs of our specific markets.

Panamex is proud to announce the introduction of a new range of ZAP electric diffusers to the ZAP portfolio of products.

This new product offers many new features while not compromising on the efficacy the consumer has come to expect and rely upon when purchasing a ZAP product.